I went to visit my client, Ilya Neyman, at KCBS/KCAL as he was settling in.  Ilya is the new Weather Producer for the stations.  It is a new position, created to enhance the weather product in the #2 market in the nation.

Ilya has been an instructor of meteorology and an on-air presenter both on TV and Radio in Southern California.  He wanted to have his family remain in the area.  TNT was able to find him a spot where he can use his passion for the science and continue his work in the media.  He said, “I just want to express my deep appreciation to Ross Becker of Top News Talent for helping to put me on the radar screen of one of the biggest stations I grew up watching.  Now, I am honored to be part of its weather operations, using my lifelong passion in such an outstanding place.”

Top News Talent is committed to finding the RIGHT position for every client.  Thank you Ilya.