Why Connect with TNT?

TV journalists are great at giving power to the powerless, pushing for answers, advocating for the community, and holding the powerful accountable (did we throw enough brand IDs for you…lol). But when it comes to pushing for their own rights, not so much.

A big reason is that journalism is a vocation. You feel a responsibility to something greater than yourself. Most journalists truly and passionately want to help others, and they know that means putting themselves second in many cases.

That’s why you need an advocate so you can learn how to help yourself while helping others. As this industry changes, so do the needs of journalists. Salaries are not the same as they once were. Workloads are heavier and more intense. Benefits are not always as great. That’s why, if you work in TV news, you need to learn how to get the most out of your career, every step of the way.

How Does TNT Help?

We train journalists to make sure they are comfortable with the job so they can excel. We also mentor in a way that helps you better advocate for yourself in the future. Our goal is to enhance your skills to the point you don’t need us much anymore. Sound a little different from the other agencies you’ve talked with? Good. That’s the goal.

For the media industry to truly change and become a more sustainable career again, everyone involved has to learn how to set clear expectations, then make sure those expectations become reality. We can no longer depend on a handful of executives setting the standards in behind-the-scenes negotiations. We want journalists to be able to focus on the job itself– the job they love. It’s time managers enjoy watching their teams win and have fun doing it again, and it’s time for broadcast leaders to know they are doing all they can to foster fabulously run newsrooms.