Let’s talk for a minute about your journalism career management. Who are you getting advice from and bouncing ideas off—co-workers? Friends? Family?  Are you just going it alone for now? In this rapidly-changing media world, it’s critical for you to have expert advice from someone who knows the business inside out, knows what’s changing, knows the key contacts, and knows the emerging trends.

Sure, you can find a TV news job on your own and without an agent. There are plenty of journalism jobs open nationwide. But I’m talking about an expert who helps you with a lot more:

–Short-term and long-term targeted goal-setting

–Detailed and ongoing feedback on your work

–Demo reel and resume critiques and recommendations

–Networking and connections

–Job searches and negotiation advice

–Regular check-ins 

These are all things you should be doing and need to be doing in today’s TV news world. If you’re not, you’re missing great opportunities to grow and to position yourself for the future. Even if you have an agent, ask yourself if they’re regularly doing all of the things on that checklist above. Most are not. If you’re serious about your professional growth in the media business, I can help you. I have nearly 40 years of experience as a TV news manager, producer, talent agent/mentor, and broadcast journalism professor. And my team at Top News Talent has decades of experience too, as producers, managers and anchors. We’ve done it all, and we’ve seen it all. And we can help you. 

The best part? The flexibility of TNT. You might only need help with your reel, resume, and contract negotiation. Others may want a full-blown mentorship situation. Others may want to talk through a specific issue at their station or kick around goals. Whatever you need to help you through this challenging media landscape, we can help. TV news can still be a great career, but don’t get taken advantage of by a station low-balling your salary offer, or a traditional agent pitching you along with dozens of others for the same jobs. We can help with customized one-on-one mentoring and career management. It starts with an email or a call: steve@topnewstalent.com