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You don’t necessarily need an expensive and elusive talent agent or consultant to be successful in today’s media world. You just need some expert help. That’s the mission of Top News Talent.

Whatever training, coaching, or negotiation assistance you need, we’ll custom design it for you and make it affordable. Our team has, collectively, more than 100 years of “in the newsroom and on the street” reporting, anchoring, producing, and management experience, from small markets to the networks. Tapping into our knowledge base will help make your career a success.

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It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

  Two new studies confirm what nearly every TV news journalist has known for a while. Burnout is exceptionally high.  The hope is corporate broadcasting leaders will read the study headlines...

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Our Services

Newsroom & Group Training

Customized “nose-to-nose” training for your team. This is NOT a presentation in your conference room. We spend the time with your producers and reporters and anchors during their day helping them grow and work together.

Individual Coaching

We are here to be on your side as you grow as a reporter or producer or anchor. We can design an affordable, customized coaching program for you that will help you take your work to the next level and help you get that next big job.

Reel Consultation

Putting your work on a reel for that job search is sometimes the toughest thing.  We can help you pick your best work and compile it so it really shows your “sizzle” and growth.

Voice Coaching

Top News Talent has joined forces with one of the premier voice coaches in the industry.  Susan Murphy can help you sound stronger and deliver that power you need.

Full Representation

Whether it’s your second job or your march toward a major market or network, TNT can help you get there.  Our fees for representation are affordable and adjustable.  If you feel it’s time to have an agent, we can make it happen without costing you too much.

Negotiation Only Assistance

Top News Talent understands that you are a journalist and the last thing you want to do is negotiate with your boss on a new contract.  When it’s time to do the haggling, let us do it.  It will cost you a fraction of what a full agent will charge.


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