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Helping connect newsroom managers to qualified producers seeking remote opportunities.

Recruiting quality journalists is one of top challenges for local news managers. The field of candidates is smaller – with lower market newsrooms now competing with large markets for quality candidates.

Top News Talent’s REMOTE PRODUCER CONNECT program can help take the strain off of newsroom managers looking to fill critical positions by using our growing database of producers seeking remote opportunities. Remote producing is the future for newsrooms looking to fill newsroom voids while pushing to remain relevant with top talent.


Local News

– Looking to Hire – 


  • Flexibility: Easily hire producers as full-time employees or freelancers
  • Save Time: Hire for challenging newscasts while keeping in-house producers on their top performing newscasts
  • Cut Burnout: Remote producers can fill sick calls and holiday schedules that are challenging to staff
  • Add Experience to Your Team: Remote producers are experienced and can help more green producers on current staff
  • Produce Around the Clock: Since producers are remote, they will be working in various time zones; this can help stations produce news ‘around the clock’


– Looking for Employment –


  • Flexibility: Whether you select a full time or freelance position, you can work around your busy schedule — giving you more time with family
  • No more moving boxes: You can work from your home and not have to house/apartment hunt
  • Still part of a team: While you are remote, you will still be part of a newsroom … attending editorial meetings and having an editorial voice in your newscast
  • Family first: Enjoy more dinners with the family and stop missing those ball games with the kids! Remote producing gives you more flexibility to put your family first.


Handpicked Qualified

Top News Talent’s uses their decades of hiring & recruiting experience to help you hire news producers that are a fit for your newsroom. Using our exclusive and growing database of experienced news producers willing to work remote, these candidates will be screened and vetted based on your newsroom needs.


Hiring remote producers doesn’t require a major investment in infrastructure. TOP NEWS TALENT can help streamline technology gaps as well as implement producer workflow that can help enhance your newsroom. We will work with your remote & in-house staff on easing the burden working remotely can bring by setting up systems that allows your entire team to thrive.


Lack of feedback & complacent career growth is a top complaint among veteran producers. TOP NEWS TALENT will provide regular check-ins with your remote team and provide training when needs arise. Our team will also provide training to ensure your newsroom style remains consistent with your remote team. 

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